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Who We Are

Solluna Builders, LLC is a builder and remodeler in Austin, Texas, and surrounding communities — Dripping Springs, Driftwood, Wimberley, Bastrop, Round Rock, Georgetown. Known as a long-time green building advocate in central Texas, we’re passionate about helping our clients build the green, sustainable home of their dreams.

What We Do

Beautiful kitchen

Solluna Builders, LLC specializes in green, high-performance custom homes, major home additions, and whole-house remodels. We take a whole-house approach–people, budget, design, materials, techniques–and work closely with home owners from

Our Clients

Cynthia Brown

Our clients want a rock-solid home that lasts longer, is healthier, and saves money because it’s designed and built for super energy efficiency. They focus on honest quality, comfort, and enduring value. Many are last-time home buyers. “This is the last house I’m going to build, so I want it to be right, and

Value Accurate Pricing

Do you know how hard it is to get an accurate price on a home remodel down at one of the big box retail stores?  Or, try this:  Google “cost to build a green home,” and you will get 92 million results in .20 seconds.  Pick one. Building a custom home or doing a home remodel is often the biggest purchase most of us will make in our lifetime.  And there is not an easy way to figure out what it’s going to cost. At Solluna Builders, we value accurate pricing.  We know you value accurate pricing, too. Solluna Builders and our clients value accurate pricing because we both want to know what a project will truly cost to build.  When you have confidence in the accuracy of the pricing for your new home or remodel project, you can make smart, informed decisions. Our accurate pricing adds value to your budget and plans, because we gather all the information necessary to create a detailed estimate for your project.  No surprises. Nothing left to chance.  No cost overruns down the road.... 

From the blog

Needing crutches

Universal design

What would happen if you broke a leg and had to hobble around on crutches? Stop and imagine: What level of independence can you expect? Can you navigate in your own home? Worse, what if you needed a wheelchair for a while? Can you get from the driveway into your home? Can you fit through the door into your bathroom? How will you use the toilet? Take a shower? Scramble an egg? I had an up-close and personal encounter with such obstacles when my own sweet mother quickly lost strength and... 


Home TV shows — really?

Do you get a kick out of watching the home and garden reality TV shows? I sure do. So many clever ideas. It’s fun to watch a home transformed from dowdy and sad to fresh and new. But I’ve gotta tell ya:  As much as I love tuning in to see what’s next, often I find myself cocking my head sideways with a dubious eye. I’m thinking to myself, “Geez, they made that look so easy.”  Or, “How the heck did they do all that on that budget?” Or, “Well,... 

Red door

Blissful Oaks

When Sue and Candy (they’re sisters) wanted to build a home, they were looking for a beautiful spot to retire. They weren’t specifically looking for conservancy land, but they fell in love with 15 acres that’s part of a larger tract managed by the Hill Country Conservancy. (See our story about it.) A forest of enormous live oaks, wildflowers, birds and critters, a resident roadrunner — they named the place Blissful Oaks. It was a joy and a privilege to prepare the...